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Class Schedule
Please call to reserve your spot in class
Private Lessons
Jane Rumack

Private lessons are the best way to begin your Pilates practice.  You will receive one on one lessons tailored to your body and ability.  The instructor will show you how to use the apparatus in a safe and effective way that will maximize your results.

Tower Class
PPMKE Classes

Perfect for those new to Pilates - a unique class that combines mat and reformer exercises using a special apparatus made of springs and bars. 

Duet Lessons
Anna Stamas

Duet Lessons are with two people and one instructor.

Duets are great economical ways to get fit with friends at a lower cost than private lessons.  Find a friend that you feel comfortable working out with during this time of

Covid-19 in the studio.

Mat Classes
PPMKE Classes

This class focuses on the mat series of exercises designed by Joseph Pilates that works the whole body.  Once you become proficient at the exercises, you can do them at home or when traveling.

Our studio offers personalized mat classes (minimum of 4).  It is a great way to begin your Pilates workout with friends or colleagues.

Class Schedule 


Intermediate Tower Class - 6:30 pm


Intermediate Mat Class - 10:00 am


Basic to Intermediate Tower Class - 4:00 pm

Tower Class 6:00pm


ZOOM Intermediate to Advanced

Mat Class - 9:00 am

Please call to reserve your spot in a class

You can also form your own mat class with friends at a time that is convenient for all.  Minimum of 3 people.

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