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6 Principles of Pilates

1. Control - When performed properly, you are in control of the movements of your body.  This is called "the art and science of contrology."

2. Centering - All work is controlled through the center or "powerhouse".  All exercises are done with proper alignment: keeping the "box" (of your powerhouse) square.

3. Concentration - Exercises are performed with focused concentration, paying attention to how the exercises are executed.  the mind guides the body. We utilize the five parts of the mind to include our mind in the workout:

   1. Intelligence

   2. Intuition

   3. Imagination

   4. Memory

   5. Will

4. Precision - The exercises are designed with a precise goal in mind in order to reach the full benefit of each exercise.  You must pay attention to detail and perform each and every exercise with a clear structure and precise form.  we work with quality, not quantity.

5. Breath - All exercises are done with a rhythm and dynamic related to heartbeat and breathing.  certain exercises emphasize breathing.

6. Flow - The full workout is designed so that each exercise flows into the next creating a natural flow for the workout.  There's a minimum movement between exercises to create maximum flow.

Joseph Pilates
Joseph Pilates
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